Crick Boatshow day 1

Boat shows visited – 1

Hours cruised – 0

Classic album REM Automatic for the people  should have been Parallel lines by Blondie but dodgy internet stopped this (more of this later)

Before I start, a couple of points about our hosts Crick Marina. Obviously, when the gift of hospitality was given out, they were out . Considering that the show is all about the waterways, they don’t make visiting  boaters very welcome.

  • Can we have access to facilities to empty toilets etc  – No
  • Can we have access to wifi as 3G is naff here (happy to pay for it) – No

Very welcoming! Makes me wonder why they have the show here!

There may be very good reasons for this approach, but if there are, it would be nice to know them. I can feel a letter to Waterways World (or maybe this is one for Canal Boat Mag, as I now have a subscription to hat too – Looking forward to the wine!)

Anyway, rant over so on with the post.

Boat show opened at 10 with regular countdown which interrupted the bacon and egg sandwich production momentarily whilst we listened to the countdown with bated breath.

Visited loads of useful stalls, exhaust chap, new propeller chap and passed the composting toilet throne chap complete with step to allow you to wee in total comfort and also bought some very nice gin and had a pause to have test lie on a potential new sofa bed, we did ask if we could take a sleeping bag and have a sleepover.

Ended the day with a g ‘n t with newly purchased rhubarb gin a satisfactory meal in the  Moorings restaurant and a quick pint in the beer tent listening to a Blondied tribute band (I said there would be more later. )

Loads of interesting places to visit

Roll on Crick day 2

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