Day 15 Yelvertoft – Crick

Hours cruised – 1

Debit cards lost – 1

Briar Roses passed – 1

Marinas visited for non CRT facility toilet emptying – a first  – 1

Classic album – The Clash – London Calling

Final leg of the trip was going to be short. Couple of miles from our mooring at bridge 19 in Yelvertoft to Crick Marina and the mooring that was waiting for us at the show.

Should be plain, stress free sailing until …. disaster struck. The number one priority was to arrive at the show with water tank full and toilet empty. We had filled the water tank the afternoon befor and so it was just going to be a case of carrying the quarter full toilet tank the couple of hundred yards to the disposal point at the show.

However this plan had not taken into account the presence of 2 small children on the boat the day before (the ones who stressed the dog yesterday) who, being excited about their first visit to a narrowboat (quite understandably) were making sure to use all the available facilities to the full and in the process transferred a significant quantity of water from the water tank into the toilet. Refilling the water tank was not too much of an issue but the quarter full (5kg) toilet tank had just become a full (20kg) toilet tank. Carrying this 200 yards to empty was no longer such a relishable (heard today that Shakespeare just made words up if he couldn’t find one to suit, so thought I would do the same!) prospect.

The solution was a trip to Yelvertoft Marina and the payment of £2.50 to use their facilities. Definitely money well spent!

Water tank full and toilet empty, we were ready for arrival at the show. So arrive we did.

Next couple of hours were spent cleaning the dog hair from the interior of the boat and being passed, for the final time, by one of the Briar Roses not sure which, they have blurred into one by now!

We now had a shiny (well half the boat anyway, as we never got round to polishing the second side, but no matter, as no one will see it) dog hair free (relatively) boat ready for the show.

The other half of the crew arrived later in the afternoon and decided to risk the wrath of the show organiser by getting the drone out. The result is a great aerial video of the crick show ground (being careful not to overfly the showground – Heath & Safety & all that).

Evening finished with a very enjoyable meal at the Wheatsheaf in Crick, and realisation that I had lost my bank card – now cancelled.

Back to the fairylight adorned boat for Classic Album, chocolate and an early bed, ready to hit the show tomorrow.
A fun 2 week trip to get here, that will be followed by a 2 hour trip home on Monday.

I guess that’s progress! Not sure I approve.

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