Day 7 – Worseley – Fradley (ish)

Hours Cruised – 5

Interesting people – 0

Idiots encountered – 1 – seems they do exist south of the Harecastle!

Goose Processions – 1

Classic album – Michael Jackson – Off the Wall

On another lovely morning, and on throwing open the curtains I was treated to the sight of 2 families of Canada Geese processing past the boat

Made my day, and it was only 9am! Do people realise that if we tighten up on immigration, sights like this will become a thing of the past!

As we were at a point where the Trent and Canal were in close proximity, I thought it would be a good time to do a bit more arial photography. Again, without incident!  (For those  who are interested, I will post the resulting video when it is complete). Whilst flying,  however, a guy emerged from one of the other boats moored nearby and we started chatting about drones. It turned out he had a very similar model but had never got it out of the box as he was too scared he would crash it!! Whilst I can absolutely understand where he is coming from (see day 1 post), it made me realise that the worst you can do is trash it and if you are never going to take it out of the box, what’s the difference! With this new found confidence, the next project is to get some footage of the boat whilst moving!! 2 man job I think!

Anyway, back to the cruise. We set off with the first stop being Rugeley to do some shopping. It was in Rugeley that we met today’s idiot. Approaching the moorings, they were all full but noticing activity on one of the boats, I slowed down intending to take his spot as he left. However, the owner of the boat, seeing my approach and obviously not realizing my intentions, redoubled his efforts, rapidly untying ropes, leaping on board and flooring the throttle, to cut in front of me. In fact, his actions did me a favour and saved me hanging around for him to leave but he still gets the idiot of the day award as intention is everything!

Having passed Rugeley a few times and never stopped, we thought we would give it some time this visit and whilst it didn’t disappoint, it does suffer from the same malaise that afflicts most small market towns in the UK. It has no ambition. If you are willing to look, you will always find some great little shops (in this case a great bakers – with customers queuing out the door, and greengrocers) but the overall effect is very utilitarian, catering to the lowest common denominator, and you can almost guarantee that the indoor market (if there is one) will be utterly depressing! We did get all the supplies we needed though, including come excellent cream cakes.

Lunch eaten, we left Rugeley with the prediction from the guy moored behind us, “It’ll be raining by 4!” heading for Fradley where 4 notable things happened:

  1. We left the Trent and Mersey and turned into the Coventry Canal
  2. We had to change Pearsons guides from 4 Counties to Canals of Birmingham
  3. The boat entered new ground, having only ever been as far south as Fradley
  4. It started to rain – that guy in Fradley ought to get a job with the met office – Or maybe he already has!

Travelling in the rain is never any fun. So we decided to moor for the night (just through bridge 90 on the Cov)

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