Day 9 – Polesworth – Nuneaton (ish)

Hours cruised – 6

Interesting people – 0

Idiots – 0 – there are definitely fewer idiots down south

Twitter followers encountered – 1

Times passed (by) NB Briar Rose – 4

Classic Album – Wings – Band on the run

It’s now 8:45, so I am late writing today’s post! The main reason being that today’s journey was another of those uneventful got up travelled, did some locks, got rained on, stopped for the evening type of days, and as such writing about it felt like it was going to be a chore. On this basis, if today’s post is short, you will know why!

Setting off at about 10am, having been passed by Briar Rose for the first time at about 9am (We had last passed them moored by Fazeley Junction the previous day, so they are obviously early risers), we passed them a second time about 1 hour down the canal.  

Next stop Atherston Locks, described in Pearsons as “Like a piggy bank, slow to fill and quick to empty”. The lockssage was pretty uneventful, and we were definitely going in the right direction, as we must have passed about 6 or 7 boats coming down! Half way up we passed a Braidbar boats boat “Sunny Day” I think, with trade plates. I will put money on the fact he is off to Crick too – time will tell if I am right.

Top lock was manned by 2 cheery lock keepers form CRT (they all seem happy in their work this trip!). This case the sluggish lock filling was ideal, as whilst it filled, I was able to empty both the rubbish and the toilet at the ajacent services, and still be back on the boat ready to depart the lock as the gate opened. 

Just after Atherston locks we stopped for lunch. Lunch consisted of cheese, pate and biscuits that had been purchased a couple of days earlier at Great Hayward farm shop. (Remember the £6 biscuits). During lunch we were passed by (yes you guessed it) Briar Rose! 

On towards Nuneaton, we passed Briar Rose for the 4th and final time (until tomorrow morning about 8:30 I suspect) and about 1/2 an hour farther on, passed Miner Bill, a regular Tweeter that I follow, and who in turn follows @nbbluerover – hello Miner Bill if you are reading this! Sadly didn’t get to see your shiny new nameplates as they were obscured by the boat  (Built in 1898, and now lovingly converted to a live aboard – @BoaterRalph, thanks for losing me that argument!) breasted up to you. 
Moored for the evening just short of Nuneaton, just as the rain started to come down more steadily.
Rumour has it tomorrow will be better weatherwise! And when it came to it, writing today’s blog was not too bad, so there you go!

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