Day 1 Anderton to Middlewich

Hours Cruised 4

Interesting people met – None – though we did pass a guy with the most amazing sideburns ! – might regret adding this element, but the canals are full of them so fingers crossed.

Classic Album of the day – Stevie Wonder – Songs in the Key of Life

For anyone who happens on this blog, it is basically a record of a trip from Anderton to Crick to visit the Crick Boat Show. 14 days – 1 boat, 2 people and a dog ( aging Border collie named Boo – Yes that’s her in the photo)

Arriving at Anderton, we parked the car only to realised that we had positioned it so that all the doors and the boot were positioned 0ver muddy puddles, meaning that unloading without covering the boat in mud was a challenge. A challenge that I a might add, we rose to admirably!

With the exception of the discovery that we will have a leak in the engine cooling system – something to investigate later – unpacking, filling up with water and eating lunch – An excellent (as always) Chicken and Bacon Salad box from Metricks butchers in Glossop – were all uneventful.

After touching up some major scrapes on the hull ( not sure where they came from since we painted it 2 weeks ago!  I can only think someone has been borrowing the boat and joyriding, playing dodgems with locks and other boats!) we set off about 3:30 turned left out of the marina and set off for Crick.

Just before the Salt Barge, it was good o see that GrowlTiger, was back on its “Home” mooring. Having not moved for the past 2 years, spotting it on the Weaver 2 weeks ago was a tad un-nerving

Plan was to stop at Bramble cuttings but moorings were full, and didn’t fancy brestin up – (in hindsight,  probably a mistake given my objective of meeting interesting people on the trip. But in my defense, I only set that objective after making that decision!), so carried on to just short of Middlewich.

As we moored by a large field with few trees, I saw it as an ideal spot to “get back on the horse” drone wise – previous week – Drone, V large tree  – flying backwards while concentrating on filming – you get the idea (Apparently it’s number 8 in the top 10 rookie mistakes that lead to drone crashes – but thanks to some help from Sam from Arundel Tree surgeons, and some amazing tree climbing the drone lived to fly another day – who says there are no such thing as miracles!)

So took it for a short flight. At one point even flying over water!!!
Film was very bad – Def need lots of practice. But drone returned in one piece, so all round – result!

Finished the evening listening to some of the Eurovision Entries. 30 mins of this and I had the “daily classic album” idea. But it did get me thinking, it would be ironic if this year we won it, so become the host next year then voted to leave Europe in June!

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